Q: Is your jewelry made of real gold or plated/vermeil, Will it tarnish and change color? 
A: All our products are made of solid gold, they will not tarnish or change color.

Q: Are your diamonds ethically sourced? 
A: All the diamonds and gemstones used in our products are ethically sourced.

Q: Are the diamonds/gemstones real or lab-created? 
A: All our diamonds and gemstones are completely natural and earth-mined. We do offer lab-created diamonds for engagement rings.

Q: Are the earrings sold as a pair or single? 
A: All our earrings are sold as a pair.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?
PayPal or you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards, however, you have to sign up with PayPal.

Q: Do you offer a buy now pay later option?
We offer the flexibility of a split payment. Please contact us for a payment plan.

Duty & Taxes

Q: Will I be charged import duties, taxes and any other fees?
A: No, Sovats will cover import duties and taxes.


Q: What are the shipping fee and delivery timeline?
The shipping fee is US$24.00. That's it, no other cost. Delivery time is 10-14 days after you place your order.