Maria from Ontario, Canada

Lost my Engagement Ring

The day of our engagement, twenty-six years ago, remains one of the happiest moments we've shared. However, the joy was marred when I lost my engagement ring, a cherished symbol of our love. While my husband tried to console me, reminding me it was just a ring, its sentimental value weighed heavily on me.

Thus, when an advertisement for a custom jewelry service caught my eye, I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim what was lost. Though the cost seemed reasonable, the only hurdle was ensuring a perfect replica – for this, I needed to provide a picture of my ring. Despite the uncertainty, we decided to take a chance, hoping to restore not just a piece of jewelry, but a cherished symbol of our enduring commitment.
And it paid off. What we got was a perfect replica. I am so glad I can wear my engagement ring again!



 Viona from Florida, USA

Custom Letter Ring

In my pursuit of a personalized jewelry piece, I confided in a friend about my predicament. To my delight, she directed me to this particular website, where she had found her own desired piece and where custom jewelry services were also available. After perusing the website and examining the quality of my friend's ring, I decided to reach out to them.

To my surprise, not only was the cost of the custom piece lower than anticipated, but the service and quality exceeded my expectations.

custom made letter a ring



 Rina from Jakarta, Indonesia

Solitaire 1.5ct Engagement Ring

After an extensive search for the perfect engagement ring, one that symbolizes the depth of our commitment, I found myself faced with the challenge of balancing my aspirations with budget limitations. However, my quest came to a gratifying conclusion when I stumbled upon this online store. Here, amidst a myriad of options, I discovered a miraculous match – the Solitaire 1.5ct Engagement Ring. I had envisioned, all while aligning perfectly with my financial parameters.

solitaire ring