01 Consulting

Sovats bespoke jewelry is a collaboration with our design expert and jeweler. At its core, bespoke jewelry allows you to create a piece from scratch. That is to say, it is created by you, for you.





02 Design

If you have a particular design in mind or need some inspiration, we're at your service. It begins with a conversation about your style, gold and stone preferences while considering your budget. This collaborative approach enables us to design your custom jewelry precisely to your liking.






03 Production

We translate the design into a three-dimensional wax master model and present it for your review. Upon your approval, we cast the wax model into gold and process it through our custom fabrication process.






04 Completion


At this step, the production of your masterpiece is complete. We will share photos and tracking information before you receive your jewelry, accompanied by a gemological laboratory certificate.





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