Layering necklaces the right way can be difficult and a solution to that would be to stack and wear multiple necklaces. 

  1. Choose Different Lengths: Stacking is more than just finding your best necklaces or finding ones you think look nice together. If you want to avoid making a tangled-up mess make sure what you’re wearing has marginally different lengths. You should first put on the shortest necklace. Then when you begin layering, each necklace you add is longer than the first.

  2. Start With a Two: If you’re new to necklace stacking then feel free to start small with a two-strand blend

  3. Combine Different Styles: By choosing to layer necklaces that have different styles from one another you will add depth and contrast to your look.

  4. Choose a Dominant Metal: With necklaces, it is best to choose similar metals and only add another metal as a subtle compliment. If you are unsure you can wear an earring of a different tone instead.

  5. Wear a Statement Necklace: When layering your necklaces you should choose one statement necklace that acts as the focal point. This can be anything from a charm or pendant necklace or something more colorful like a gemstone necklace.

  6. Go for Adjustable Necklaces: Sometimes you’ll find some great necklaces that go wonderfully together but the issue is that they’re the same length. By getting a necklace with multiple clasp options or fastened with a ribbon or string. In other words, adjustable, you’ll circumvent this problem by always being able to set it to the length you want or need.



Remember that there are no strict rules when it comes to necklace layering. The key is to express your personal style and have fun with it.