Rosabella from Ohio, USA

Graduation Gift

When I and my husband realized that our daughter would be graduating soon we realized that we needed to find a proper gift for her. But what could that gift be?

Eventually, we settled on getting her a ring, a good ring, and we took a long time trying to find the perfect ring for our daughter. It needed to be something she could wear often and of good quality so it would last a long time.

ruvy ring

At some point, a friend recommended this website and after some searching we found it. It was a perfect simple thing, something that she could easily slip on with any outfit.

But there was an issue. We wanted the ring to have our daughter's birthstone, a ruby, instead of the sapphire or diamond the ring usually came with, so we hoped we could change it rather than look for something else. Thankfully we reached out to Sovats and they were more than fine with our request.

Our daughter was thrilled and we were incredibly grateful.


Maria from Ontario, Canada

Lost my Wedding Ring

We got married 26 years ago, it was one of the happiest days of our lives. You can then imagine that losing my wedding ring was not the best day for me. Of course, as my husband reminded me, it was just a ring. But to me, it was more than that. It was a symbol. And I lost it.

So when I saw an ad for a custom jewelry service I took the opportunity to contact them. The cost of the service was reasonable the only issue would be that I wanted a perfect replica I needed to send them a picture of my husband's ring. So we took a chance.

wedding ring

And it paid off. What we got was a perfect replica of the ring. I am so glad I can wear my wedding ring again!


 Viona from Florida, USA

Custom Letter Ring

Finding the jewelry that is exactly what you're looking for is not easy. The solution, of course, would be to find someone or somewhere that made custom jewelry but that isn't quite so easy to find in person and I find it difficult to trust online stores. What to do?

When I told a friend about my problem she recommend me this website. She told me she found what she wanted and that they offered custom jewelry service too.
So after taking a look at the website and inspected the quality of my friend's ring I contacted them. The cost was lower than I thought it would be but the service or ring wasn't low quality.

custom made letter a ring

 They made exactly what I wanted, to my exact specifications.


 Rina from Jakarta, Indonesia

Solitaire 1.5ct Engagement Ring

I looked for a proper engagement ring for a while. It's something important so you want to get it right but you also want something in your budget so balancing finding the perfect engagement ring with something that you can actually get is not very easy.

This web store, however, was exactly what I needed. Some how it had the exact ring I wanted and was within my budget.

solitaire ring